I'm an engineer in IT Security
specialized in log correlation,
Forensic and Network Security.
OH ! and I'm a SYSADMIN too !

Log Correlation

I used to work under Splunk, or the very famous ELK stack. To be more precise, I used to work under architectural projects, and how to handle and to store all these informations in a big company.

Network Security

PKI doesn't mean "possible Kryptonite inside" to me. SSH is not "So so happy" either.
Furthermore I am familiar with active/passive attacks, and I used to work under PaloAlto Networks (FireWall) for two years as a network/security administrator.


Debian, RedHat, CentOS, FreeBSD, ESX, Microsoft Windows Server, even MacOSX... I used to work with all these operating systems, to monitor them, to update them, and to backup them. I also have to script for all of these, or setting up things like proxies, syslogs...

Network infrastructures

I used to work for a multinational company, which means IPSecs Tunnels, OSPF routing, switching, optical fiber ... I also had to set up servers for a company's datacenter and to debug some switching/routing configurations.


I had several projects under several languages : Python , C, Bash scripts, ASMx86, C++, PowerShell, Java, Java EE, JavaScript, PHP, , Perl.
Yes, this is my order of preference.


I made an internship in a famous company which specialization is Identity and Access Management. I used to work under ISIM (IBM Security Identity Manager). I made some customs, some integrations in huge and complex environments.